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Our recipes are made using simple, genuine ingredients: garden vegetables, local cheeses and meat, flours and ancient grains that we skilfully work, preserving timeless traditions, homemade pasta, desserts and jams made with our fruit.

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An ancient village located on the outskirts of Rome in a landscape of fields of wheat and blue skies. Two splendid churches: one Baroque and the other from the medieval era. A dream location for an elegant and unforgettable wedding.

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Our location has large, multi-functional spaces immersed in the green countryside of Rome and designed to be used with advanced technologies. A dedicated team will support you in organising and managing your event during each stage in its development.

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Farm Products

The farm does not only supply goods to our restaurant, but it produces vegetables, herbs, preserves and homemade sauces available directly in the farm or home delivered.

Info & Prenotazioni - (+39) 348 4150950

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