Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Menu and Accomodation

16th and 17th of April

Easter Menu 2017

Thick pizza with cheese, salami corallina and fried vegetables

Mille-feuille with creamy almond cheese and artichoke mousse on organic tomato aspic

First course
Potato cream with canapé of passed chicory and scamorza
Spelt scialatielli with white ragout of lamb and crunchy ewe’s cheese with pistachio

Main course
Stuffed loin of lamb in a five cereals pastry crust served with filled artichokes and organic garden salad

Little mimosa with Chantilly cream and chocolate drops
“Easter dove Tozzetti and Macaroons” in the middle of the table

Easter Monday Brunch 2017

Starters Edge
Easter cake
Thick pizza with cheese and salami corallina
Croquettes with broad beans and pork cheek
Flan of peas and Grana
Tartellette rural style with sausages, potatoes and rosemary

Omelets Edge
Freshly made omelets with various combinations (vegetal or preserved meats)

Cheese “0 kilometers” and Preserved Meats of Norcia
Variety of preserved meats of Norcia
Assortment of local cheese and local fresh cheese combined with dried fruits, local honey and mustard

Soups and First Course Edge
Soup with beans, mushrooms and spelt
Baked potatoes with savoy cabbage and red onion
White lasagna with asparagus and artichoke

Main Course Edge
Leg of veal
Leg of lamb with rosemary
Organic vegetables:
Spinach with garlic and oil, baked potatoes, little wild chicory
Mixed salad buffet with organic matches

Buffet of Handmade Bread
Varied flavored flat bread, flat bread sticks, twists and flavored bread,

Dessert Edge
Short pastry tart with fresh fruit
Pastiera of wheat grains Neapolitan style
Apricot and chocolate log
Easter dove

Accomodation offer:

Double rooms (2 adults) €79.00 per room per night breakfast included
Double rooms (2 adults and 1 child) €89.00 per room per night breakfast included
Double rooms (2 adults and 2 children) €99.00 per room per night breakfast included

City tax €1,50 per person per night. This is not included in our standard room rate. standard rate. €1,50 per person per night