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Borgo di Tragliata

"...I've travelled throughout Italy,
but never have I felt emotion so profound as
in the Roman countryside:
everything is silent, magnificent of austere beauty..."

F. Gregoriovus (1856)

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Located at the entrance to Rome, “Il Borgo di Tragliata” overlooks above an impressive tufa buttress.

Archeological sources provide evidence that this area has been inhabited since ancient times.

The discovery of the famous, “Oinochoe of Tagliatella” vase confirms the existence of human settlements since the Etruscan era within an area subject to control by either the Ceri or Veio tribes.

The name “Tragliata” takes note of the place names, Talianum Tagliata or Terlata, during medieval times and appears to be derived from “Tagliata, (meaning, “cut”), which is the word given to the paths dug into the tufa by the Etruscans.