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The Antique Village of Tragliata

I have traveled all the Italy, but I've never tried an emotion so deep as in the Roman countryside: everything is quiet, great, of austere beauty.
F. Gregoriovus (1856)

Taste and Substance
Located at the gates of Rome, Arise on a picturesque spur of tuff. Its origins date back to the Etruscan era, which still remain intact blocks of the walls and lofts funnel. In addition to this history has left the Village of Tragliata also the tower for sightings of the Saracens, incorporated in the core of the farm, which combines the two sixth-century houses currently used for the overnight stay of our guests. The ancient village has two beautiful churches, a baroque style and one of the medieval era. Who wants to organize a stay in the countryside 25 km from Rome, the Village offers the full range of its services and offers maximum availability to meet the needs of children and adults.



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4 MARZO 2018
Brunch del 4 – 03- 2018

Angolo degli Antipasti :
Frittatina con broccoli bio
Bietina rossa brasata alle acciughe
Crostini di pane naturale con scamorza e tartufo
Finocchi al pomodoro bio
Salumi Umbri assortiti al tagliere



1 April and 2 April 2018
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Business Meetings at the Borgo

Would you like to organize your business meeting at the Borgo?
Please contact us via e-mail meeting@tragliata.it or by phone 06 66 87 392.
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Il Nostro Brand

Palazzo Olivia Casale Sant Andrea Cassiodoro19